A connection has been made

When Night Falls is a project in which I pay tribute to nightlife with various objects. The objects are a physical translation of an aspect that one experiences in the nightlife. One of the objects that came out of the project is 'A Connection Has Been Made'.

'A Connection Has Been Made' is a bench that tells the story of how easy it is to connect with someone during the nightlife. During my research and conversations with several people from the industry, easy connection was found to be a common factor of what makes nightlife important to our social life.

The moment someone sits down on the couch, nothing happens, but the moment a second person sits down next to it, an interaction occurs that creates the light. The light symbolizes the interaction that people have with each other during nightlife. The moment when new ideas, friendships and other relationships arise. With this object and project I want to show my audience that nightlife offers much more than trashy nightclubs.